Switzerland is a tough test for England

Switzerland is a tough test for England

Switzerland is a tough test for England. Former world champions England and Switzerland will face each other in the semi-final match. Coach Gareth Southgate’s England dugout are desperate for a 100th match win. The match will be played on Saturday (July 6) at 10 pm Bangladesh time.

England’s performance on the Euro stage so far has not been satisfactory. Jude Bellingham, Foden, Kane, Sakara can’t get out of their shadow. But in order to win the battle of life and death, they have to play their best football. Because opponent Switzerland is playing perfect football this time.

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The English can take confidence from past statistics. But the current Swiss team is completely different. Mastermind Gareth Southgate must come up with a new plan to stop them. The match is also special for the English coach. Because this coach is going to manage the 100th match in the Dug Out of the Three Lions. The footballers will also want to give victory in the Guru’s milestone match.

Despite the apprehension, Bellingham will be found in this match. Tony, Kane, Sakara will be in charge of the attack. Stones, Trippiard, Foden will feature in the starting XI, with Pickford in goal.

About the match, forward Ivan Tony said, “Every match is a life-and-death battle now. As I said, they have some great footballers. They will test us hard. We have to play our best football to go to the semi-finals. Footballers are ready to work hard. We know that Switzerland will not leave and talk.

Switzerland has lost only one match in 18 matches since last World Cup. Not only these statistics, the party has earned the same for many other reasons. The fact that the Swiss are no longer an easy opponent can be seen from their journey to the Euros. The top sixteen beat the reigning champions in the quarter-finals.

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Runner-up in 2021 is England’s highest achievement in the European Championship. Switzerland played the first and last quarter-final in that tournament. They face the challenge of playing in the top four for the first time.

The team’s goal post Ian Somer had to save only 6 attacks in the last four games. This shows how secure the defense of the Swiss is.

Another strength of the Swiss is the scoring ability of multiple players. So far their 7 goals have come from different players. However, coach Murat Yakin will rely on experienced Shakiri, Vargas, Akanjid.