Russia was not invited to the Paris Olympics

Russia was not invited to the Paris Olympics

Russia was not invited to the Paris Olympics. The Ukraine-Russia war has been going on for more than a year. Many European and American countries have boycotted Russia, labeling Russia’s attack on Ukraine as ‘aggression’. His impression is also in sports.

Since last year, Ukrainian players have not been able to participate in various international tournaments for the country. The entire Russian team is being excluded from team play. This time, Russia was not invited to the Paris Olympics for the same reason.

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The Paris Olympics will begin on July 26, 2024. Exactly one year ago on Wednesday (July 26), the International Olympic Committee (IOC) officially sent invitations to member countries. However, letters were not sent to Russia and Belarus.

According to news agency AFP, IOC President Thomas Bach has sent invitations to 203 countries. Belarus was not sent an invitation due to Russia and its cooperation in the attack on Ukraine. Apart from this, the Central American country of Guatemala was also not invited due to the suspension of membership.

The IOC announced in the second week of July that Russia and Belarus will not be invited to the Paris Olympics. However, even if the country cannot participate, the door of the Olympics has been kept open for athletes from both countries. Athletes from Russia and Belarus can compete under the Olympic flag.

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IOC chief Bach was in Paris on the day the countdown to the 2024 Olympics began. On a three-day visit, he inquired about the preparations of Paris for the Olympics. After talking to the people involved, Bach commented that the preparation of Paris for the Olympics was “excellent”.

French President Emmanuel Macron spoke about organizing the Paris Olympics. He told a French radio, “France is ready, will definitely be ready at the appointed time.” We now have a lot of preparation and a lot of work. We will be prepared with utmost professionalism for any situation.