PSG New Coach Galtier Is Ready To Take New Challenge

PSG New Coach Galtier

PSG New Coach Galtier Is Ready To Take New Challenge. Mauricio Pachettino has been sacked and the PSG has officially handed over the reins to Christophe Galatier. The Frenchman has previously worked for Lille and Nice. Galatier hopes to succeed on behalf of PSG with responsibility. He also told Neymar-Mbappe about the special plan.

PSG have been looking for a new coach since Mauricio Pachettino’s Champions League defeat. In the meantime, several high profile names have appeared in the media. But the Parisians did not walk that path. Instead, the current champions of League One revealed many unfamiliar names for Messi-Neymar-Mbappe.

Born in Marseille, France, Christophe Galatier has never played for the French national team. He didn’t have a place in any big team like club football. After leaving playing life, his managerial career began with St. Etienne. Although he did not succeed there, he came to the discussion as Lil’s coach.

Lille gave birth to a big upset in the French League One in the 2020-21 season. His illustrator was Christophe Galatier. The Mastiff won the league after 10 years based on his technique! Runners-up PSG had nothing to do but watch that success. After spending four years there, the Frenchman went to Nice for one season. Following that journey, he is now one of the richest clubs in the world. However, the demand of the Parisians is not a league trophy, their only desire is the best title in European club football, the UEFA Champions League.

PSG New Coach Galatier said: “I have a sense of responsibility. I have to fulfill the purpose for which I came to PSG. It’s the professional world. There is no chance of being overwhelmed with emotions. If you do not fulfill your responsibilities properly, you will have to quit your job. So I’m ready to take the challenge. “

PSG have signed a two-season deal with Galatier. If the future is good, it may increase for another year. The decision to remove Sporting director Leonardo came just days after Luis Campos took over. It remains to be seen how his chemistry with the superstars will work in the days ahead.

“I have plans for Neymar,” PSG New Coach Galtier said. I will go and talk to him separately. Hopefully he will play better. Mbappe is a great footballer. Getting someone like him in the team definitely puts you ahead. He is the future of PSG. ‘

Pachettino, meanwhile, lost his job because he didn’t want Killian Mbappe in the transfer market before Christoph took office. The Argentine coach’s farewell condition was behind not going to Real. However, these rumors have been blown away by Mbappe. He has made it clear to the media that he has no interference in the internal affairs of the club.