Opening match in Mexico, final in New Jersey

Opening match in Mexico, final in New Jersey

Opening match in Mexico, final in New Jersey. 2026 Football World Cup is going to witness a lot of new things. However, among many innovations, FIFA has retained some old traditions. President Gianni Infantino said this on Sunday (February 4) in a program of FIFA TV.

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Football World Cup will be held for the first time in 2026 with 48 teams. For the first time, the World Cup is going to be held in three countries. But in the meantime, FIFA will bring back some old memories. FIFA has published the schedule of various stages of the next World Cup. Where the venue of the opening and final matches of the 2026 World Cup has been announced.

Mexico’s Azteca Stadium will host the opening match of the 2026 World Cup. And the final match will be held at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, USA.

Brazil beat Italy 4-1 in the 1970 final at the Ekita Stadium. Pele won his third World Cup. In the 1986 World Cup, Diego Maradona made Argentina one of the best in football history by winning the World Cup in this stadium.

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No other venue in the world has had the fortune of hosting more World Cup matches than the Ikita Stadium. Meanwhile, for the first time, the Football World Cup match is going to be held at MetLife Stadium. The capacity of this stadium is 82 thousand 500 people. Apart from the final, five group stage matches, one of the last 32 and one of the last sixteen will be held at this stadium.

The group stage of the World Cup will begin on June 11, 2026. And the final will be held on July 19.