Once again, Messi-Mbappe’s PSG is out of the last sixteen

Once again, Messi-Mbappe's PSG is out of the last sixteen

Once again, Messi-Mbappe’s PSG is out of the last sixteen French giant PSG left the current Champions League with another disappointment. Messi’s PSG lost 0-2 to Bayern at the Allianz Arena on Wednesday night (March 8). The French champions left this year’s Champions League after losing 3-0 in two legs.

In the beginning, the French giants began to show their dominance in the match. Messi-Mbappe took advantage of Bayern’s sloppy football. However, PSG could not see the goal. Mbappe scored a goal in the 14th minute of the match, but it was canceled due to a foul on the goalkeeper Sommer.

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PSG went on the attack in 24 minutes, but Messi and Mbappe tangled inside the D-box. As a result, the French champions were denied a goal. In the meantime, PSG received bad news. PSG captain Marquinhos left the field with an injury in the 36th minute of the match.

PSG could have scored a sure goal in the 38th minute of the match. PSG got the ball through a mistake by the Bayern goalkeeper. Vitinha dodged the goalkeeper and shot the ball into the empty net. However, Bayern defender Delicht saved the ball from the goal line. Three minutes later Bayern got a chance to score. However, PSG survived due to the extraordinary skill of Donnarumma. Bayern took control of the match by playing messy football in the second half.

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Bayern striker Chupo Moeting scored in the 53rd minute of the match. But his goal was ruled out for offside. But Moeting gave the team the lead in the 60th minute. Bayern midfielder Müller gets the ball through PSG defender’s mistake. The German player passes the ball to Goretzka. He passed again to Moeting, who easily slotted the ball into the net.

PSG gets a corner in the 64th minute. Ramos headed from Messi’s corner. However, the German giants survived with an extraordinary save by the Bayern goalkeeper. After that, Bayern attacked one after another. But the goal could not be seen. However, in the 89th minute of the match, PSG’s survival hope was taken away by Bayern winger Zinabri.

The German A star gave the team a 2-0 lead by scoring a great goal from Cancellor’s pass. Sadio Mane scored at the last minute but it was ruled out for offside. As a result, PSG left from the last sixteen of the Champions League like last time after losing both legs.