Neymar new contract is with PSG 1 july 2022

Neymar new contract is with PSG

Neymar new contract is with PSG 1 july 2022. Following the renewal of the contract by Killian Mbappe, it is understandable that Neymar has lost his importance to PSG. Besides, almost every week, will there be rumors of his departure from PSG? Meanwhile, some media outlets have reported that, Neymar wants to stay at PSG or leave.

In other words, there is clearly something wrong with the Brazilian star with PSG. Wrong – and that has happened so far.

PSG brought Neymar in 2016 by rewriting the world financial record on the transfer market. PSG wanted to replace Europe’s top teams by winning the club with the help of the Brazilian. He did not.

Neymar was not in the team’s future plans

Neymar’s off-field clash and ongoing injuries have also angered PSG. That outrage actually came from the party president Nasser Al Khelaifi. There are rumors that the PSG president wants to sell him. Neymar is not in the team’s future plans.

That, as the president does not want, How does Neymar stay at PSG? In fact, it is possible, and the French media ‘Lekip’ reported that this is what happened to PSG. A condition in the recent PSG contract with Neymar is that the Brazilian is working to stay at the Paris club.

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When Neymar renewed his contract until 2025, a year and a half ago. The contract stipulates that his term at PSG will automatically be extended for another two years after the end of his contract in 2022. In other words, the contract will be renewed until 2026. And this condition has been in effect since July 1 this year.

Neymar’s annual salary at PSG is 3 million Euros

Neymar’s annual salary at PSG is 3 million Euros. Very few clubs will be able to hire him for this salary. The name Chelsea is heard on the market. The new owner of the English club, Todd Bohley, is interested in buying Neymar as his ‘signature statement’. Neymar also played for PSG under Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel. But since Neymar announced his contract in July, Chelsea have not had a chance.

His former club Santos did not sit down with Neymar in the European market. Prior to joining Barcelona in 2013, Neymar had already established himself as a star at the club. “Andres Rueda wants to bring Neymar back.”

False allegations about Neymar’s father

After a meeting of the party board of directors a few days ago, the president of Santos said, ‘(The necessary steps have been taken to bring Neymar back) .But there are things that cannot be said here (in the media). ‘

But if you listen to Neymar’s father, you will think of something else. According to the French news agency RMC Sport, Neymar’s father says Santos is not making an effort to bring his son back. Stories are ‘lies.’

Neymar says the same to his relatives. In other words, Neymar wants to stay at PSG for now.