Mitchell-Blondel is last hope they have already lost 5 wickets

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Mitchell-Blondel is last hope, they have already lost 5 wickets. If the rain does not stop as often as today, there is almost no doubt about the results of this test!

Only the third day of the game is over. There are two days left, and some extra overs could be played in the remaining two days to close the game defeat in the second half of the day. At the end of the third day, New Zealand lost 5 wickets in the second innings. He will have to take 15 wickets in the remaining two days, and if the result favors England, he will not need it again.

Mitchell-Blondel is last hope, they have already lost 5 wickets. New Zealand led by 156 runs, with nine wickets remaining.

Mitchell-Blondel is last hope

Who is most likely to get the result? Today, at the end of the third day, the balance shifts towards England. The third day match ended at the start of the second half of the rain, before England took five wickets to New Zealand, ending the day with 16 runs! The good news for the Kiwis is that in the sixth wicket, Tom Blundell (5 *) and Daryl Mitchell (4 *), who were hitting well throughout the series, were tied in the crease. New Zealand currently leads 136 runs.

Johnny Bearstore’s century, Jamie Overton’s three-run strike despite scoring in the first half of his first game, and Stuart Broad’s T20 innings, saw England score 360, to 329 New Zealand in the first innings in the first half of the day. With just 31 runs left, captain Kane Williamson put up a 96-run stand with Tom Latham for the second wicket despite losing to Young Young (6) earlier. What a wonderful time New Zealand had!

Johnny Bairstow bids farewell to Overton

During the tea break, New Zealand led by 156 runs, with nine wickets remaining. Latham scored 50 off 60 balls, Williamson also remained unbeaten in 36 at half-time. But after the break, push the first ball! Latham (8 out of 100 balls) is back with overton. so Mitchell-Blondel is last hope

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Williamson then led New Zealand for half a century with Conway. now Mitchell-Blondel is last hope. However, the rain came in the first phase. After that, it took the disease to the Kiwi innings.

Going back to Devon Conway (11). Matthew Pots did not allow Williamson to score 50 in 2 runs. Shortly after, when Henry Nichols (6) returned with rival Jack Leach, New Zealand abruptly lost 5/161. 3 wickets in 9 runs!

In the first session of the previous day, the story is about Overton more than the Bearstore, which won a hundred the day before. Has anyone in England scored a hundred in his first Test in eight seasons or less? Knowing the answer to the question, maybe Jamie Overton slept last night. The question is whether the England cricketer, who started playing in Tests at the age of 26, was able to sleep. If he loses 69 at the end of the first day of his first Test, who can sleep!

Overton has dreamed of becoming the ‘first’ of England. No England batsman has hit a century in his first Test match in eight or less. And all the combined teams are only a hundred years old from number 8 to 11 strikers in their first Test match. By the end of the third day of the Headingley Test, the number remained at 10. Overton could not touch three numbers in just 3 runs.

Johnny Bairstow bids farewell to Overton

Overton caught the first slip in the ninth over of the day by chasing the ball out of Trent Bolt. Overton, better known as pacer, burned the pain of losing everything just to give it to Daryl Mitchell. Johnny Bairstow bade farewell to Overton, who was burned by the pain of the moving nineties in his early recording history.

When Overton hit yesterday, England lost 6 wickets in 55 runs. When Overton returned with the pain of losing a century, England was 296 out of eight. Bairstow-Overton came out with 241 runs in the seventh wicket.

Bairstow, who hit his 10th Test Test, came back with 182 runs as the ninth batsman to lead the team in 351 runs. His 157-ball innings are scheduled for 24 innings. Just before Bairstow’s return, Stuart Broad (42 out of 38 balls) returned to strike. England ended up making 360. This is the highest of any team losing the first 6 wickets in 55 or less.