Messi’s unique record on the night of victory

Messi's unique record on the night of victory

Messi’s unique record on the night of victory Lionel Messi. Argentina’s star footballer is like living history. His job is to make one record after another. Qatar ended a 36-year title drought by winning the World Cup. This little magician became the owner of 700 goals in club football.

Messi is a magician who makes everything possible as he owns one record after another which is incredible for all football lovers. No matter what is said about Messi, it is not enough to conclude that he is a complete achievement, we expect more from him.

PSG and Olympique Marseille face each other in the French League One match on Sunday (February 26) at 2:30 p.m. PSG won the match 3-0. Where Lionel Messi scored a goal. And that completes the 700 goals of the club career.

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Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo set this record before Messi. Ronaldo scored 709 goals in 957 matches in his club career. Messi has scored 700 goals after playing 840 matches.

Messi scored 28 of these 700 goals for PSG and 672 for Barcelona. Messi’s total number of goals so far is 798. Apart from the 700 goals of club football, this little wizard of football has scored 98 goals in 172 matches in the jersey of the national team.

On the other hand, the total number of goals of the Portuguese star Ronaldo is 827. Of these, 118 are for countries, the rest are for clubs. CRSeven has played 1 thousand 151 matches so far. He is currently playing for Al-Nasr club in Saudi Arabia.