Messi’s double goal took away the happiness of Dallas

Messi's double goal took away the happiness of Dallas

Messi’s double goal took away the happiness of Dallas. Inter Miami was losing. But with World Cup-winning star Lionel Messi in the team, rivals FC Dallas may have forgotten that. Not being able to stop him cost Dallas the win. And Messi’s double goal saved Miami from defeat. Messi took away the happiness of Dallas hoping to win.

Inter Miami and FC Dallas meet in the last sixteen of the Leagues Cup on Monday (August 7) at 7:30 am. The two teams drew 4-4 at full time in the match. The match went straight to a tiebreaker. From where Messi’s team Inter Miami won. Messi scored two goals for Miami in the match. LMten reached the milestone of double goals for the club in three consecutive matches.

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From the start of the match on this day, a fierce fight was seen between the two teams. But in just 6 minutes of the game, Messi gave Miami the lead. Miami defender Jordi Alba entered the opponent’s D-box from the left end. From there, he gave the ball to Messi standing behind that is outside the D-box. And the Argentine star took a left foot shot after receiving the ball. It didn’t take long for Messi’s long-range shot to hit the net.

Toyota Stadium shook immediately after seeing Messi’s performance. A new dimension was added to the fans’ cheers. Even Miami’s lead goal was scored by the biggest star Messi. There is no shortage of excitement for fans in both matches. However, in the 37th minute of the game, Dallas midfielder Facundo Quignon put an end to that excitement. His goal made the match 1-1.

Dallas striker Jesus Ferreira receives the ball from midfield. Then only the goalkeeper in front of him. But at the moment of taking the shot, three defenders of Miami came. He passed them to teammate Bernard Kamungo. And Kamungo got the ball in front of the goal and took a successful kick. Dallas went ahead 2-1 before the break.

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Alan Velasco gave the team a 3-1 lead in the 63rd minute of the second half. However, Miami player Benjamin Cremaschi reduced the gap to 3-2 in the 64th minute. Three minutes later, Robert Taylor made the game difficult by tucking the ball into his own net. Dallas leads 4-2. The hosts hope to leave the field with an easy victory.

But there was still much to play for. Miami gets a free kick in the 80th minute. Messi took the kick. He failed to pass the ball to his teammates. However, the World Cup winning star sent the ball in a great position in front of the goal. From there, Dallas’ Marco Farfan scored a suicide goal with a header. The score was then 4-3.

Messi equalized 4-4 with his second goal in the 84th minute. His free kick shot directly into the net of Dallas. Goalkeeper Marten Paes had nothing to do but watch Messi’s powerful shot. He tried to block Messi’s shot, but it was impossible to block the ball from the edge of the goalpost where Messi hooked the ball. Messi’s team eventually won the tiebreaker match.