Messi and Mbappe’s History Make Big won in PSG

Messi and Mbappe's History Make Big won in PSG

Messi and Mbappe’s History Make Big won in PSG Argentine superstar Lionel Messi won the new FIFA Player of the Year Award. Then the first time for PSG, the goal was seen on the field for the first time. And at the very last moment, Killian Mbappe was also found in the net. Paris Saint -Germain (PSG) saw a big win in two more goals.

PSG won 3-2 against Nantez in the League One match on Saturday (March 7th). PSG scored two goals after Lionel Messi’s goal at the beginning of the first half. Then Danilo Pereira and Killian Mbappe scored a big win in the last moment of the match.

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Ludovic Blas and Ignacius Ganago scored two goals for Nantes.

Messi took the field with a fresh memory of the FIFA year for the seventh time. Argentine made the match memorable in the 12th minute of the match. Messi, who is in great form in the 2022-21 season, is in front of the milestone. This is the 5th goal of Messi’s professional career. He will join Cristiano Ronaldo with more than eight hundred goals in the list of more than one goal. Not only that, the World Cup -winning Argentine superstar only contributed a thousand goals to the club career.

Five minutes later, the goal was seen again. This year’s goal is, however, a gift given by Nantas. Juen Hadjam put the Parisians ahead of the suicide goal. However, this Hadjam contributed to the first goal of the Nantes. In the 8th minute, he defeated PSG Mukhele and Vitinia on the left side of his pass, defeating goalkeeper Donorumma.

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Seven minutes later, PSG was shocked and returned to equality. The crossing from the corner to the nearest post from the corner to the nearest post and send the ball into the net. The first half game ended in 2-2 equality.

PSG played desperate for a goal in the second half. Mbappe entered the dibox with the ball from the corner. Danillo Pereira sent the net from his great cross.

Mbappe, who contributed to the goal of the team, later scored the goal. The goal was turned by him in the PSG jersey, the highest goal scorer. He saw the goal in the last minute of the match.

In the second minute of the added time, Mbappe was deprived of the first round of Nante’s goalkeeper Lafant. However, Pembele again gave the ball to the penalty spot. The name of PSG is written in the history of the shot taken from nearby Mbappe. This is his 20th goal for the club. PSG has no more goals in the World Cup winner Mbappe in Jersey. He became the highest goalkeeper in the club’s jersey at the age of just 20, behind Edinson Cavani.