Martinez gave Inter the title with a century of goals

Martinez gave Inter the title with a century of goals

Martinez gave Inter the title with a century of goals. This season is the end for Inter Milan. Despite failing to win Serie A, Simone Inzaghi’s team has already won two titles. Reached the final of the Champions League. If they beat Manchester City on June 10, they will get a taste of being the best in Europe after 13 years. Lautaro Martínez, who won the World Cup for Argentina, is the front man for this great achievement of Inter. In front of him is the opportunity to become the best in Europe after being the best in the world in the same season.

Earlier in the year, Inter Milan won the Italian Super Cup by defeating city rivals AC Milan. And on Wednesday (May 24), Inter won the Italian Cup by beating Fiorentina 2-1. This is the team’s second consecutive title in this tournament.

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The start of Inter at the Estadio Olimpico was not good at all. In the third minute of the match, Fiorentina went ahead with the goal of Argentine star Nico Gonzales. However, in the first half, another Argentinian confirmed Inter’s victory. Lautaro Martínez, who missed an easy chance at the World Cup, was the hero of Inter’s victory. This Argentine scored a pair of goals.

Martinez’s brace secured Inter’s ninth Italian Cup title and Martinez also reached a great milestone.

The goal that equalized Inter in the final was the 100th in this club’s jersey. And the winning goal is the 101st. The two goals will probably remain special for Martinez as the milestone goal sealed the title. It took Martinez 235 matches to reach the milestone of 100 goals in an Inter jersey. Among them, he scored 78 goals in 171 matches in Serie A. In addition, he scored 10 goals in 35 matches in the Champions League, 3 goals in 8 matches in the Europa League, 8 goals in 19 matches in the Italian Cup and 2 goals in 2 matches in the Italian Super Cup.

With this, Martinez scored 27 goals this season. That was the best year of his career. The season has been great. First World Cup in Argentina jersey. After winning two titles for the club, now the challenge is to become the best in Europe. One piece of information might give Martinez confidence ahead of how many opponents he faces there. Statistics of Inter coach Simone Inzaghi. He has not lost any of his last seven finals.