Man City in front of treble victory

Man City in front of treble victory. Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City’s chances of winning the treble are stronger after the Champions League final is confirmed. And after winning only three matches, this Spanish mastermind will become the first coach in history to win the treble for two different teams. After defeating Real, Guardiola himself opened up about the possibility.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s Red Devils are in possession of Manchester City. The most successful team in Premier League history. So far they have the only record of winning the treble in English football. No matter how recent times have passed, where are the rivals for United’s achievements?

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City is getting heavier and heavier in that debate. His team is looking to lift the league title for the fifth time in the last six seasons. The Citizens will make it a hat-trick of consecutive league wins if they beat Chelsea in the next match.

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Man City will have to win against United to live up to United’s legacy. To complete the dream treble, the traditional FA Cup final awaits after the league title is settled. Against the city representatives, where City will enter the field on the 13th of June.

Real Madrid, the biggest obstacle in the Champions League, has also been defeated by City. After crushing the opponent at home, the team is now waiting for the final. Defeat Inter will fulfill Guardiola’s cherished Champions League dream. Personally, the Spanish boss has not won since 2011.

Even for a city that spends billions of dollars, the crown of European excellence is adorable. Until now, the regret of that one title in the cabinet is burning City fans. The curse of the team will be removed only after passing the inter exam.

Guardiola, who has always been silent on the question of the treble, has opened his mouth after the victory at the Etihad. At this stage of the season, he does not want to disappoint the fans.

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola said, ‘Yes, we are very close to winning the treble. We need another win in the league. Inter will play against neighboring teams in the FA Cup and the Champions League final. It means we have had a very good season. Now I hope to bring home all the titles. We have had a really good season this season.

If there is no incident and if he completes the treble for City, Guardiola will make his place in the debate of the best coach in history. The reason is simple. No one else has won the treble for two different teams before him.