Lukaku scored a comfortable win for Inter

Lukaku scored a comfortable

Lukaku scored a comfortable win for Inter .Inter Milan win, Italy’s giant, left the field with a only 3-1 victory over the opponent at the home ground San Siro. In the last sixteen match of the Champions League on Wednesday (February 22), Romelu Lukaku lost the only goal to Porto in Simone.

Inter Milan took the field against the Portuguese club Porto. However, Martinez-Geekora failed to break Porto’s defense until 5 minutes before the match.

In the first half, Porto goes under pressure to attack one after another. However, the Portugal club survived repeatedly in the determination of defenders. Italy’s giants became more aggressive in the second half.

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In the 8th minute of the match, Jaco’s replacement was replaced by coach Injaghi Lukaku. However, nothing was working. On the other hand, Porto also matches themselves in the second half. However, the appearance of the match changed to Porto’s player Otavio’s red card. The Portugal forward saw a yellow card for arguing with the referee in the first half. In the 5 minutes of the match, Hakan fouled Challagnu and saw another yellow card.

The Portuguese left the field after seeing the red card on two yellow cards. Then the match took full control of the match. Lukaku scored in the 5 minutes of the match. That goal formed the gap between the two teams. The next leg of these two teams is on March 7 in Porto Field Esta Drugs.

Today Lukaku scored a comfortable