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Liverpool vs Man United in the first warm-up match of the pre-season on Tuesday (July 12). It’s been two years since the Corona Falls started and this is the biggest club fight in Thailand. Liverpool want to boost confidence among newcomers by beating clubs like United at the start of the season. United also want to start preparing for victory. The match will start at 7 pm at the Rajmangla Stadium in Bangkok.

The last days of the season have been very sad for football lovers. There is no league on the field. But at the end of the day of depression. Liverpool vs Manchester United appeared in the pre-season warm-up match before the start of the season. Supporters are waiting for the match between the two teams at high voltage. No major club matches have been played in Thailand since the Corona Falls began. This is the first time Liverpool vs Man United will cut the match. All the tickets for the match have already been sold.

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Manchester United did not have a good season last season. This time the successful team of EPL is not in the Champions League either. The Red Devils will play in the Europa League. New coach Eric Ten Hagg has taken charge at the end of the Soulshire chapter. Cristiano Ronaldo is the best star in both the Europa League and Ten Hague. Didn’t practice with the team in the pre-season. CR Seven did not visit Thailand either. Ten Hag wants to get used to going without him. Manchester United want to start the season with a great loss to Liverpool.

Opponents Liverpool have finished a memorable season. Despite the possibility of winning the Quadruple, Allred failed in the end. They have won League Cup and F Cup. The EPL has been lost. Despite reaching the Champions League final, Liverpool’s dream has been shattered on the stage of making history for Real Madrid. Sadio Mane has left Allreds this season. However, promising Uruguayan Darwin Nunez and Portugal’s Fabio Carbalho have joined.

Coach Klopp believes that the confidence of the youngsters will increase if they can beat an opponent like United in this first match of the season. “The match is important to us,” he said. Because it’s hard to beat a team like United. Thai supporters also want to see victory. This time many have left the team. I want to try new ones. There is a possibility between them. If they can play a match with a big team, their confidence will increase even more. ‘

The next destination for Manchester United in the pre-season is Melbourne, Australia. Liverpool will go to Singapore. Another match will be played with Crystal Palace on Friday.