La Liga stands against changing the format of the World Cup

La Liga stands against changing the format of the World Cup

La Liga stands against changing the format of the World Cup Club football is shut down for a long time during the Football World Cup. Clubs have to count huge losses due to long breaks. The league also suffered a lot. So the clubs are looking at the players being released for the shortest time possible for the World Cup.

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The 2026 World Cup is changing the format of the World Cup. A total of 64 matches have been played in the World Cup held since 1998 with 32 teams. But the 2026 World Cup to be held in the United States, Mexico and Canada will be the first with 48 teams. FIFA initially planned to hold 80 matches in the tournament, but this time FIFA increased it by 24 more matches. The decision was made by the international football governing body at the end of the FIFA Congress in Rwanda’s capital Kigali on Tuesday (March 14).

Clubs and leagues are naturally very excited by this decision of FIFA. But no one opened their mouths. The only exception is La Liga. The Spanish league protested the decision of the international football governing body. They feel that FIFA has completely ignored the importance of domestic leagues with such a decision. In a statement on Wednesday (March 15), La Liga expressed its position against these changes by FIFA.

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“FIFA continues its misconduct of unilaterally making decisions on the world football calendar, showing a complete disregard for the importance of domestic leagues and the football community,” he wrote in the statement.

La Liga also claimed that FIFA had not consulted the leagues about the changes, and that “in making these decisions, the sporting and financial impact on the countries’ national leagues, clubs and players was not taken into account… FIFA only considers certain clubs and a small group of players.” .’

La Liga also said in a statement that all other league authorities in the World League Forum (WLF), the body representing professional football leagues, will analyze FIFA’s decisions and take the most appropriate next steps.