Harmony lost Serena in her debut match

Harmony lost Serena

Harmony lost Serena in her debut match. Harmony Tan was born in 1998 in Paris. Serena Williams made her professional tennis court debut at the Bell Challenge in Quebec two years ago. When Harmony faced the American legend at Wimbledon’s Center Court yesterday, it was natural for him to have nightmares.

Serena is the highest 23 Grand Slam winning star in the Open era. And the unseen Harmony has never played at Wimbledon before this time. Growing up watching the Serena-Venus game on TV. His coach Nathalie Taujiat has the experience to face Serena. But the 24-year-old French girl lost to Serena in her debut match at Wimbledon!

Serena, 40 years old

Serena, 40, returned to the tennis singles event after 364 days, almost a year. Fighting is great even at this age. One set back and turned around, saved match points, tie-breaks; After fighting for about 3 hours and 11 minutes, he could not win in the end.

Harmony Tan, ranked 115th in the rankings, picked up his first win on the grass court with a 6-5, 1-6, 6-7 (10-6) game win over him in the first round. Such a win against Serena is like a dream to him, ‘Yes, it feels like a dream. I saw Serena on TV as a child. My coach Nathalie Taujiat played with him 20 years ago. She (Serena) is a legend. If you face someone who has won 23 Grand Slams, you will be scared. I was scared too when I got on the court. But it feels good to win. ‘

Tauziat is a former tennis player from France. Before facing Serena, the coach told Harmony that his first match at Wimbledon was against Serena on center court. He got the mantra of enjoying the match from the coach. In the end, he surprised everyone and won in such a way that this was the longest match at Wimbledon so far.

For now, I have started the game. Let’s see what happens

Although Serena’s return was not good, she did not give up. He is still playing tennis at this age, so the issue of retirement came up after the rate. The US star is currently ruling out the possibility of retiring. Wanting to take part in the US Open this year as well, ‘I won my first Grand Slam at the US Open. It’s something so special. The seven-time Wimbledon champion, however, did not directly answer the question of whether he would be seen at Wimbledon next year. Let’s see what happens, then we can think about it. ‘

About 12 months ago, Serena left the court crying after being injured in the first round of Wimbledon. The legend, who dropped to 1204th position in the rankings, had to return to the singles event of the same Wimbledon after 364 days.