Griezmann’s retirement is threatened by Mbappe’s captaincy

Griezmann's retirement is threatened by Mbappe's captaincy

Griezmann’s retirement is threatened by Mbappe’s captaincy Antoine Griezmann has expressed his anger at Kylian Mbappe’s appointment as France captain. He also threatened to retire by ignoring Griezmann’s decision to announce a new captain. Khabar

On Tuesday (March 21), reported that coach Didier Deschamps has selected Mbappe as France’s captain ahead of the 2024 Euro qualifiers.

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Lee Figaro has been quoted as saying that the 32-year-old Atletico Madrid star is upset that Griezmann has been named as the new captain. Expressing anger at this incident, Griezmann hinted to remove himself from the team.

Griezmann has scored 42 goals for France and played a key role in the French team winning the football title in 2018. He was considered as a suitable successor after Hugo Lloris. Hugo said, ‘I am ready to give everything for France and Deschamps.’

However, Didier Deschamps announced the name of Mbappe as the captain, excluding Griezmann. According to, citing Li’Kep, Desham chose 24-year-old Mbappe as the captain.

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The French coach said, ‘Considering the future, it has been decided to make Mbappe the captain. He can lead the team for at least 10 years. In others that is quite difficult.’

France’s captain and goalkeeper Hugo Lloris bid farewell to international football after failing to win the title in the 22nd season of football. After that, coach Desham was looking for a new leadership. Finally Mbappe was given that responsibility.

PSG star Mbappe scored 36 goals in 66 matches for the country. He became one of the youngest captains in the country. Mbappe scored 8 goals to take France to the final in Qatar World Cup.

The French star won the Golden Boot of the World Cup. The French had to give up their title dreams to Argentina after coming very close to the title but losing in the tiebreaker. It is easy to imagine that France’s game will revolve around Mbappe in the future even if it doesn’t happen in Qatar.