Europe’s top three leagues begin on Friday

Europe's top three leagues begin on Friday

Europe’s top three leagues begin on Friday. The top five leagues in Europe are the English Premier League (EPL), La Liga, League One, Italian Serie A and Bundesliga. Among these five leagues, the first three leagues are starting from Friday (August 11). Italian Serie A and Bundesliga will start from August 18.

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Manchester City and Burnley will enter the field in the first match of this season of EPL. The match between the two teams will be held on Friday at one o’clock. Burnley have not beaten City in their last 5 appearances. La Liga will start with the match between Almeria and Rayo Vallecano. The match between these two teams will be played on the field at 11:30 PM. On the other hand, Nice and Lille will play the first match in Ligue 1 at 1 am.

This season of EPL will end on May 19 next year. With 17 clubs from the previous season, Burnley, Sheffield United and Luton Town have opened up this time. 2015-16 champions Leicester City have been relegated. Leeds United and Southampton have also been relegated from the Premier League.

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Three-time champions City now have the opportunity to become the first club to win the EPL title for the fourth time. Guardiola’s hopes of a good start by defeating Burnley in the first match. The two teams last met in March this year in the FA Cup.