City-Bayern is entering the field at night in a high-voltage match

City-Bayern is entering the field at night in a high-voltage match

City-Bayern is entering the field at night in a high-voltage match. The tournament’s six-time champions Bayern Munich will host England in the first leg of the most high-voltage match of the Champions League quarter-finals. The opponent is English champion Manchester City. The City boss, who is chasing a Champions League title, considers Bayern to be the tournament’s toughest opponent.

The match kicks off at 1pm on Tuesday (April 11) at the Etihad Stadium.

Money can buy everything, but can you buy tradition! At least not the Champions League trophy. This is a title for which Manchester City have done everything possible. But not even the jingle of billions of petro-dollars has caught up with the success. In the first leg of the quarter, the opponent is stronger, Bayern Munich.

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Guardiola knows how terrifying the Allianz Arena is. So I want to keep the gap with the win big. There are hints of change in the lineup. Laporte drops out of the starting XI, Mahrez-Bernado Silva returns. However, in the pre-match press conference, the topic of City and Champions League failure came back.

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola said, ‘Every season I have to hear the same question. It’s boring to be honest. We want to win. The opponent also dreams the same. That doesn’t mean we’re going to win against Bayern. But I am making sure that there will be no error in the efforts of the boys.

On the other hand, Thomas Tuchel is having a good time in Bayern’s dugout. The return of Leon Geretzka and Jamal Musiala is giving him relief in this important match. Despite injury concerns, Sadio Mane has faith in Tukhel.

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Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel said, “To be honest, there is no reason not to fear Man City. Especially the way Aling Holland is playing. Although my journey with this team of Bayern is not long. But tradition and attacking football will keep us ahead.

Guardiola and Tukhel. There is another hidden battle between these two masterminds. Guardiola lost to Tuchel in the 2021 Champions League final. The city boss is waiting for the first payment.