Chelsea Preparing £14 Million Bid For Cristiano Ronaldo This Summer

Chelsea Preparing £14 Million Bid For Cristiano Ronaldo This Summer

Chelsea Preparing £14 Million Bid For Cristiano Ronaldo This Summer. Chelsea have offered Manchester United 14million to sign Cristiano Ronaldo. has claimed this in reference to Football Inside.

Portuguese star in the evening of his career. Ronaldo, who is 36 years old, does not have a long professional career. At that time, Manchester United could not qualify for the Champions League again. As a result, if he stays at Old Trafford, the last time of his career will not be painted. Realizing that, the Portuguese star has indicated to leave the club. He instructed his representative Jorge Mendes to look for a new club. Mendes has already made contact with a number of clubs, including Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Lisbon in Portugal. However, the Blues are most interested in getting him.

Todd Boyle, the new owner of Chelsea in particular, has shown the most interest in getting the Portuguese star. According to Football Insider, a reliable source in Chelsea has told them that the club has prepared ১৪ 14 million to get Ronaldo. Owners Todd Boyle and coach Thomas Tuchel have expressed interest in getting him.

Coach Thomas Tuchel wants to redesign Chelsea under the new owner. For 45 million, they are recruiting English striker Rahim Sterling. The rest is just formality. They are preparing to field Ronaldo as the second high-profile player before the summer transfer window closes.

Meanwhile, the Spanish media Marca also reports that Chelsea is very serious about getting Ronaldo. Todd Boyle wants to start his journey by pulling a superstar in the team. The club is already going to attract stars like De Lit, Rafinha and Sterling. But they need a competent leader to lead from the front. The quality that the club sees in Ronaldo. Moreover, since the Portuguese star is also wanted in the Champions League, they are hopeful of getting him. The Blues, who finished the league at three last season, have already cut their ticket to the Champions League.

Old Trafford is a love name for Ronaldo. When he came to Manchester United from Juventus last year, he said he wanted to destroy the club. However, the Portuguese star is not thinking for the second time to leave his love after one season thinking about his career even if the club does not want him. However, former United defender Rio Ferdinand is not to blame.

“Those who want to win a football match or a title, who are accustomed to winning and who are accustomed to being at the top of the league every year or trying to win a prize, can’t expect to be happy if they are not allowed to do so suddenly, even in the Champions League,” he said. ‘

Ferdinand added, ‘Of course he’s not happy! You are talking about Cristiano Ronaldo! I don’t understand why Ronaldo isn’t happy with what’s happening at Man United, how big news it is. She can’t be happy. I wouldn’t either. ‘

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