Chelsea-Liverpool face off on the first day

Chelsea-Liverpool face off on the first day

Chelsea-Liverpool face off on the first day. The 2022-23 season of the Premier League ended just three weeks ago. And in the meantime, the schedule for the next season, i.e. 2023-24 season, has been revealed. In the first match, the teacher and the disciple are facing each other. But all eyes will be on the Chelsea v Liverpool match in the first game week.

Manchester City and Burnley will meet in the first match of the Premier League of the 2023-24 season. Vincent Kompany is the coach of Burnley who came up from the Championship League. He once played under Pep Guardiola at Citibus. But now he has to face Guardiola. As a result, the fight between Guru and disciple in the first match will be quite enjoyable.

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The Premier League schedule was released on Thursday (June 15). Where as according to the schedule, the next season will start from August 11. And the 2023-23 season will end on May 19 next year.

However, the main attraction of the audience in the first week will be towards the match between Chelsea and Liverpool. New Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino will face Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool in his first game. Last season was very bad for Chelsea. The club did not get any success despite spending a lot of money. That is why they changed three coaches last season. But this time they have confidence in the Argentine coach.

Meanwhile, Tottenham has also appointed a new coach. They will play their first match under the new coach against Brentford. The first Manchester derby of the 2023-24 season will take place on 28 October at Old Trafford. And the second derby will be at the city ground on March 2.

Last season’s runners-up team Arsenal will start their next season with a match against Nottingham. Apart from this, Manchester United will play their first match against Wolves.

Burnley, Luton Town and Sheffield United have been relegated from the second division this season. Luton, who are in the Premier League for the first time since 1992, will play their first match at Brighton.