Belgium’s surprise defeating Germany

Belgium's surprise defeating Germany

Belgium’s surprise defeating Germany From the beginning of the game, four-time world champions Germany were spoiled by Belgium. In the end, Belgium showed surprise by winning after 69 years of regret.

Germany and Belgium entered the field in an international friendly match on Tuesday (March 29) night. Romelu Lukaku’s team Belgium won the match 3-2. Yannick Carrasco, Romelu Lukaku and Kevin De Bruyne scored for the team. Nicklas Fulkrug and Serge Gnabry scored for Germany.

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Germany attacked first in the match. In the 6th minute, Gannabry took a shot on goal with the help of midfielder Leon Gorezka. But the team was deprived of goals in that journey. But at that moment, Belgium got the opposite goal.

Forward Yannick Carrasco scored the lead goal for the team. And Belgian star Kevin De Bruyne assisted the goal. Three minutes later, the team saw the goal again. Striker Romelu Lukaku doubled the gap this time.

Lukaku also scored with Bruin’s assist. Bruin assisted two goals in a row. At the beginning of the game, Germany was under pressure after conceding two goals. And Belgium increased the speed of the attack from the front.

Germany scored just before the first half break. Lukaku sat with a handball in their own D-box. The Belgium star had to see a yellow card. And a penalty is given as a penalty. Niklas Fulkrug scored using that opportunity. It was 2-1 before the break.

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Germany attacked back from Rati. Despite several attacks, the desired goal did not appear. On the contrary, Belgium got the third goal in 78 minutes. Kevin De Bruyne, who assisted the previous two goals, scored himself this time. Leandro Trossard assisted on the Bruins’ goal.

Instead of equalizing, Germany went on the backfoot after conceding a goal. However, in the 87th minute, Serge Ganabry scored an assist from Kevin Shedd. But it was not possible to avoid defeat. In the end, Germany had to leave the field after losing 3-2 goals.

Belgium defeated the Germans for the first time since 1954. At that time, Belgium defeated West Germany 2-0 in a friendly match.