Beginning and end of the ronaldo man utd deal summary 2022

Beginning and end of the ronaldo man utd deal summary

Beginning and end of the ronaldo man utd deal summary. Cristiano Ronaldo joined from Juventus to Manchester United in 2021. For Red Devil supporters, this was a return to the boy’s house. Manchester’s traditional team will get back to the past with this Portuguese touch – that was their hope. But even though Ronaldo was on fire, the Red Devils’ losing past did not return. Instead, he lost the chance to play in the Champions League by finishing sixth in the league. That’s why Beverly Ronaldo is leaving Old Trafford to dream of playing in the Champions League.

Returning to Manchester United in the second half, Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo scored 24 goals in 38 matches in all competitions. Despite being the third highest scorer in the Premier League, all his efforts have failed in the team’s performance. The Red Devils, who finished sixth in the league, have also been eliminated from the Champions League since the last 16. They also failed in the domestic cup. So Ronaldo, who is on the eve of his career, loves Manchester’s red jersey but wants to go somewhere else to play in the Champions League. So he informed the team about finding his new team.

However, even if he wants to leave, Ronaldo is not able to leave the club so easily. Because, the rest of his contract with the Red Devils is still one year. Let’s take a look at his contract, salary and future destination with Manchester United:

Ronaldo Man Utd Deal :

Manchester United’s contract with Ronaldo will expire on June 30, 2023. However, if the club wants, this contract can be extended for another year. In that case, the 36-year-old star’s contract will end on June 30, 2024. They signed him from Juventus on a two-year contract in August 2021. Ronaldo will be 36 years and 4 months old when his contract expires in 2023.

According to the Daily Mail, Ronaldo receives a salary of ৮ 36,500 per week from the three-time Champions League-winning club. According to him, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner is receiving a salary of 20 million pounds a year from Old Trafford. Apart from this, there are performance bonuses and other financial benefits.

The main reason behind Ronaldo’s decision to leave Manchester for another club is basically playing in the Champions League. The Portuguese legend has been playing in the tournament regularly since the beginning of his career. From Sporting CP to Manchester United, then to Real Madrid-Juventus and then to the Red Devils, Ronaldo has played regularly for all clubs in this prestigious event. The Portuguese, who has won the title five times, has the most goals and assists in the history of the tournament.

So I want to stand at the end of my career and play the rest of the time regularly. Manchester United will play in the second tier of the Europa League this time as they are not in the top four in the league. The Portuguese prince has never played in this tournament in his career. Ronaldo, known for his love and success in the Champions League, is looking for a club where he can take on the challenge of the Champions League.

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However, the question is, where will Ronaldo go if he leaves Manchester United? Although one of the most successful footballers of all time has passed the age of 36, the number of clubs interested in him is not less. Several giant clubs in Europe are interested in signing him. Ronaldo’s next destination is currently buzzing with Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich and Premier League club Chelsea. The club is considering Ronaldo leading the attack as an alternative to Lewandowski’s possible replacement. There are also strong rumors about Chelsea. Meanwhile, Chelsea owner Ted Boheli was in talks with Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes.

Ronaldo can also return to Serie A. In the Italian league, Napoli and Roma are interested in signing Ronaldo. There is another reason why Roma is competing. There is another Portuguese Jose Mourinho as the coach. Everyone knows how strong the chemistry between the two was at Real Madrid. In that case, the Guru-disciple reunion can take place.

There are also rumors about Real Madrid and PSG. Club authorities are still interested in the four Madrid giants who have won the Champions League. On the other hand, it is needless to say that the club will take the loop if they get a chance to sort out the attack with the Messi-Mbappe-Ronaldo trio. Ronaldo is one of the few clubs in the world who has the ability to pay high salaries.

However, many have dreamed of returning to Ronaldo’s childhood club. However, according to experts, there is no such possibility.