Barca is using Messi as a ‘weapon’ to cover up financial problems

Barca is using Messi as a 'weapon' to cover up financial problems

Barca is using Messi as a ‘weapon’ to cover up financial problems. Lionel Messi’s contract with PSG will expire at the end of this season. Before the start of the World Cup there were rumors that the French champions would extend their contract. But even after a long time, that agreement did not see the light of day. So many are thinking that Messi is not staying in PSG anymore.

Along with the rumors of Messi leaving PSG, the most buzz is about the Argentine star’s return to Barcelona. Barca coach Javi Hernandez and club president Juan Laporta have added fuel to the rumours. Both have made it clear to the media that they are trying to bring Messi.

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Rumors of Messi’s return to Barca have now gained more branches. After the La Liga president, Spain Football Federation president Luis Rubiales has also spoken about his return. So the fans are very hopeful.

So far, everything has been positive about Messi’s return to Barca. However, this time the first negative thing was brought forward by Jaume Lopes, a member of the former advisory board of Barcelona. Lopes, a professor of economics by profession, thinks that Messi’s return to Barca is just rumours. The former official of the club said that Messi is being used deliberately to cover up the club’s financial and other problems.

Barca has recently undertaken several projects to overcome financial problems. One of those projects is Spy Bursa. This is the Camp Nou renovation project. Lopes said that the Argentine star is being used to cover up all the financial problems with this project.

In this context, he said, ‘The decision taken by Barsa is illegal. 150 million euros have been passed for the entire Espy Barca project and this money is not only for stadium renovations. But they claim that the project is only 20 million euros! Barca are desperate to make the Espy Barca project a success at the moment. Messi will not come. It’s a sham to hide the club’s problems.’