Bangladesh-England will play in the ruined field of Dharamshala

Bangladesh-England will play in the ruined field of Dharamshala

Bangladesh-England will play in the ruined field of Dharamshala. In the World Cup, the confident Bangladesh will face the distressed England. The Tigers are hopeful of maintaining their winning streak in the match. However, both teams will have to come down to the ruined ground of Dharamshala to play their second match.

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Bangladesh and England will face each other in the seventh match of the World Cup at Dharamshala Stadium on Tuesday (October 10) at 11 am.

Earlier, ICC pitch consultant Andy Atkinson, Bangladesh-England match referee Javagal Srinath and Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association stadium head curator Sunil Chauhan visited the ground when questions were raised about the ground. At that time they said that the field is fine. The match can be played in this field.

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In this direction, the situation has been created since the beginning of the World Cup. Incidents like delays in obtaining visas for spectators, journalists and even participating cricket teams have come to the fore. Mismanagement does not stop here. In the Bangladesh-Afghanistan match on October 7, seeing the outfield of the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, the eyes were raised to the forehead!

Afghan cricketer Mujib-ur-Rahman was not injured for a while while fielding. The organizers are in trouble with such a bad outfield in the spectacular field. After the match, Afghanistan coach Jonathan Trott did not hide his anger. After the objection, ICC pitch consultant Andy Atkinson and others visited the outfield for a long time. However, they said, according to the schedule, the game will be played in this field.

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It is known that although the stadium has a special type of grass, the outfield of the field was damaged due to the heavy rains that occurred last month. After that, even after about two weeks, the grass in the field did not regain its previous shape. Due to which the grass of the outfield has become rough like the field of the neighborhood. This has raised questions about such mismanagement in such a big event in cricket circles.