Arsenal players cried after losing the title

Arsenal players cried after losing the title

Arsenal players cried after losing the title. The repeat of the last season seems to have happened this time. Arsenal have not won the league from the top of the points table for most of the service, with Guardiola’s Manchester City lifting the trophy by 5 points. The Gunners came closer to the title this time, losing the title to the defending champions by 2 points.

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Arsenal has dominated the league at the beginning of this season. At the end of 15 match days, they (36 points) were 2 points ahead of second placed Liverpool, while Manchester City was fourth in the table. After that, Arsenal managed to occupy the top position of the league table many more times. Even at the end of 28 match days they were number one. At that time, Liverpool was second and Manchester City was third. What happened from there!

The title was not decided before the last match on Sunday (May 19). Arsenal face Everton and Man City face West Ham with a chance to win the title. Man City was 2 points ahead of Arsenal. In other words, for coach Mikel Arteta to taste the title, Citizens had to lose, Gunners had to win. Arsenal won, but Man City didn’t lose. Everyone knows the result! After all the matches, 91 points of Manchester club, 89 of Arsenal.

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Arsenal could not win the title despite coming close for two consecutive seasons. Then the players of the team to hold the tears how! No, he couldn’t. Kai Havertz was moved to tears by the scoreline of the Man City-West Ham match after a last-minute goal against Everton secured victory. After getting Samvit back much later, the German footballer said with TNT Sports, ‘Some things in football cannot be accepted sometimes, but we have to accept them. It is very difficult. Next time maybe I can give (supporters’ title).

Arteta and Decline Rees were frustrated. Many were broken, the condition of others was the same. Everton players came and comforted many of them.

The wall between the title and Arsenal was created in the Aston Villa match. The London club would have won the league today with 1 point more if they had not lost that match on April 14. After that match, they picked up 18 points from 6 matches, but the target was not reached. Manchester City took home their fourth consecutive title, extending the club’s wait for the last time they won the league in the 2003-04 season.