Arsenal lost Jesus before the start of the season

Arsenal lost Jesus before the start of the season

Arsenal lost Jesus before the start of the season. Arsenal’s Brazilian striker Gabriel Jesus is suffering from injury. After joining Arsenal from Manchester City last season, he could not play regularly due to injury. Bersik injury also knocked him out of the World Cup in Qatar. In the new season, when he is waiting for the start of everything anew, the injury appeared again.

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Arsenal are without Brazilian striker Gabriel Jesus at the start of the new season. Jesus has been out of football for several weeks due to knee surgery. Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta confirmed the matter.

Jesus has been suffering from this knee injury for a long time. He had to miss the World Cup in Qatar due to this injury. At that time it took him 3 months to return to the field after surgery. But he was suffering from discomfort for some time.

Jesus made his final appearance against Barcelona in pre-season training. Then he could not play the match against Monaco. Arteta revealed his surgery to the media shortly after that match.

“Unfortunately, Jesus had a minor operation this morning,” Arteta said. He had some discomfort in his knee, which had been causing problems for some time. It’s not a big deal, but he’ll probably be out for a couple of weeks.’

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They started pre-season with a defeat against Manchester United but also beat Barcelona and Monaco. Arsenal will face Manchester City in the Community Shield match four days later. Then they will play against Nottingham Forest in the first match of the league on August 12.

Arteta is burning with regret as the team’s main striker was knocked out at the beginning of the season. He said, ‘This is a big shock for us. Because he reached his best, especially the way he played against Barcelona. He was in great shape, but just lost him. We had to make a decision, the best decision was to protect the footballer. This decision has been taken to get him quickly.