Argentina’s third consecutive victory in the match Messi’s enemy is Golbar

Argentina's third consecutive victory in the match Messi's enemy is Golbar

Argentina’s third consecutive victory in the match Messi’s enemy is Golbar. Argentina won their third straight World Cup qualifier in the CONMEBOL region. After Ecuador, Bolivia they lost Paraguay. Although not in the starting eleven, Lionel Messi entered the field in the second half. However, this star was deprived of two great goals due to the goal bar.

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Argentina beat Paraguay 1-0 at the Estadio Mas Monumental in Buenos Aires on Friday (October 13). Nicolas Otamendi scored the winning goal for the team.

The hosts completely dominated the first half at home. They took 10 shots on goal with 74 percent possession of the ball. 4 of which were in Golmukh. On the other hand, Paraguay took 2 shots but they were completely on the back foot in the first half.

Argentina scored in the third minute of the match. Otamendi took possession of Rodrigo de Paul’s cross from the corner in the D-box. Being in a distant post, he was somewhat vulnerable. He hit the ball into the net with a strong shot before the Paraguayan defenders stopped him. Paraguay goalkeeper Carlos did not get any chance.

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Scaloni’s men continued to attack until the break. Lautaro Martinez had a great chance in the 26th minute. Although he entered the D-box with the ball, he could not control the shot due to the obstruction of the opponent’s defenders. As the speed was low, Carlos caught the ball easily.

Lautaro had another golden opportunity two minutes later. Even after taking a strong shot, it hit the feet of a defender and went over the bar. In the rest of the time, Carlos kept Paraguay’s net intact by stopping one attack after another. Nicolas Gonzalez had a chance to double the team’s lead before the break. But luck did not help. His low shot from the right edge of the D-box went wide of the left end bar. In the end, Albiceleste had to go to the break with a 1-0 goal lead.

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After the break, Messi entered the field as a replacement for Julian Alvarez. Argentina became more aggressive. However, the Paraguayan defense did not give much chance to Messi or Lautaro Martinez. The Great Wall of China stopped Messi’s attack before they entered the D-box. Messi took a great corner in the 72nd minute. His left-footed cross from the right corner narrowly missed the net. The ball goes wide of the far post. In the added time, Messi tried to enter the opponent’s defensive fortress by pulling the ball alone from the middle of the field. However, before entering the D-box, the Paraguayan defenders fouled him. Messi took a free-kick from a distance of about 20 meters. But unfortunately his shot went off the side bar.

In the end, Argentina had to leave the field with a 1-0 lead in the first half. Earlier, Argentina won against Ecuador and Bolivia. In that, their points are now 9 after 3 consecutive wins in the World Cup qualifiers in the CONMEBOL region.