Argentina can beat any team in the world In this time

Argentina can beat any team in the world

Argentina can beat any team in the world in this time. Winning the Copa by defeating the arch-rivals of the Latin American region, Brazil. Then the Finalissima win over the Euro champions Italy. Lionel Scaloni’s Argentina have proved in recent times that they can beat any team in the world. Jorge Valdano, who won the 1986 World Cup for Albiceleste, told ESPN Equipo.

Qatar World Cup is less than four months away. The host country has completed all preparations. Meanwhile, the teams who got tickets to Qatar are busy with the team. Among them, former footballers and sports analysts appeared in the international media with various opinions for and against the hot favorite teams in this season. Valdano is a little more confident in the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup with his country Argentina. According to him, the current Argentina has the ability to beat any team in the world.

In an interview with ESPN Ekipo, he said, “Today we are doing pretty well. However, there are many differences between European and South American football. I think Argentina is in a position to beat all teams. However, it may be difficult for the team to beat some physically and technically strong teams such as Denmark, Switzerland and Belgium.

Argentina tasted the last defeat in 2019. Since then, Lionel Messi’s team has been unstoppable in 33 consecutive matches. The team won the Copa America title last year, breaking a 28-year title drought. In addition, a few days ago, the Albiceleste defeated Italy in La Finalissima, the fight for continental supremacy. They have retained their place in the top three in the FIFA ranking. The former Argentine star did not forget to admit that coach Lionel Scaloni is responsible for making the team so irresistible before the World Cup.

He said, “The players believe in Scaloni. He created such an ecological balance, it worked. Now there are players who do not play well in the club, but perform well in the national team. I think he has worked with great intelligence since taking charge of the team. He needed the dominance, but he earned it from the team and the fans, albeit with a low profile.’

If Lionel Scaloni is credited off the field for making Argentina irresistible, Lionel Messi is credited on the field. The 28-year-old star has won trophies by leading from the front. No matter which position Messi is given to play, he knows how to adapt.

“Wherever you play him, he behaves like a map,” he said. He discovers things slowly, then applies them with incredible ease. Today he is playing in midfield, which is interesting. Because, he has to interfere more in the game of others, which is quite good for Argentina.

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